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West Hastings Oil Field CO₂ Enhanced Oil Recovery Facility Tour

Sponsored by: Denbury Inc.

Friday, 1 April 2022, 8:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.  |  Houston, Texas

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Who Should Attend

Geoscientists, engineers, or any other specialty interested in understanding CO2 injection operations, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and the geology of the Oligocene Frio Fm of the Texas Gulf Coast.


Participants of this field trip visit the West Hastings oil field EOR facilities and gain an increased understanding of CO2 injection and EOR operations in the field. Participants will also learn about the local geology of the Frio Fm and the history of the West Hastings Oil Field.

Course Content

Denbury Inc. has been operating a continuous CO2 EOR flood in the West Hastings oil field since December 2010 resulting in the associated storage of over 26 million MT of CO2 and 31 million barrels of tertiary oil produced. The target interval for EOR operations, the Oligocene Frio Fm, is a world class reservoir sandstone with over 30% porosity and multi-Darcy perm. Our CO2 compression, injection, and recycle facilities demonstrate our ability to safely inject and store CO2 underground on the Texas Gulf Coast on a commercial scale.

As part of the tour, Denbury geologists and engineers will provide an overview of the field history; current operations and CO2 management; and a discussion of the structure, stratigraphy, and reservoir characteristics of the Frio Fm. A Frio Fm core of the reservoir interval will be available for discussion and viewing. Following the overview, participants will visit active well pads with CO2 injection, water injection and oil production; a test site where over 60 wells tie into the main collection and recycle systems of the field; and the main EOR facility including the field’s CO2 compressors. The tour will be led by local Hastings Field staff who can provide firsthand knowledge of the field’s operations.

Itinerary Roster

Approximate itinerary

8:00-9:00: Travel to location

9:00-9:15: Safety orientation

9:15-10:00: Introductions and presentations  

10:00-11:45: Tour of field and EOR facilities

11:45-12:30: Lunch and core viewing

12:30: Return travel


Attendee Limit:
25 Participants
Departs from and returns to the Hilton University of Houston
Ground transportation and lunch will be provided. Attendees must wear closed-toe sturdy shoes. Safety equipment such as FRCs and hard hats will be provided onsite.
Transportation to and from West Hastings Oil Field will be provided. Outside temperatures can range from 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit In April and the tour will be outside for 1.5-2 hours.


West Hastings Oil Field CO₂ Enhanced Oil Recovery Facility Tour
Hilton University of Houston
4450 University Dr
Houston, Texas 77204
United States


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